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Rincon de la Subbetica ORGANIC, 500ml KOSHER
Extremely low 0.12 acidity.  Hojiblanca Monovarietal, medium intensity, with an `earthy` flavour profile described in Taste Experience below..  From a highly professional Spanish `cooperative`.  Denomination of Origin Priego de Cordoba.

#1 ranked EVOO in world at end of 2017 and 2016  based on results of northern and southern hemisphere competitions per EVOO World Ranking.

Certified Kosher by the Union of Orthodox Rabbies of Spain - Recognized by The Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Producer:   Almazaras de la Subbetica in Southern Spain`s Cordoba region is one of Spain`s best cooperatives, awarded an environmental stewardship award by the Spanish government.

Olives crushed within 3 to 5 hours of harvest, in modern "cold extraction" mill.

Less than 1% of premium groves grown by cooperative members are used for this oil.  Small-family owned olive groves have to be accepted into the cooperative, technicians choose the best groves at harvest for this oil, and each batch is tested chemically and tasted at night to identify if chemical and organoleptic quality for a decison on whether accepted for the organic Rincon de la Subbeticato or assigned to mass-market brands.

Over 100 special international mentions/awards since 2006
Twice named " Best Olive Oil in the World" in the Flos Olei Guide to the World`s Best EVOO compiled by 50+ international tasters. Out of approx. 400 oils listed in the annual guide 20 oils are chosen yearly as the best of the best under different categories.

Award Highlights - Rated world`s best olive mill or EVOO in addition to multiple "Best of Spain` Awards From Spanish government over the years:

  • 2017 Gold, New York International
  • 2017 Gold, Zurich International
  • 2017 Gold, Oil Japan
  • 2017 Gold London Intermational
  • 2017 Olio Award, Der Feinschmecker for Top 3, robust style
  • 2017 Gourmet Diploma AVPA France
  • 2017 Silver, Los Angeles International
  • 2016 Platinum, London International
  • 2016 Gold, Los Angeles
  • 2016 Gold, Zurich
  • 2016 Gold, New York World`s Best Olive Oils
  • 2016 Gran Menzioni, Sol D`Oro, Italy
  • 2016 2nd, L`Orciolo D`Oro, Italy
  • 2016 Gold, Olive Japan
  • 2016 Gold, AVPA France
  • 2016 Gold, Athena International, Greece
  • 2016 Olio Award, Feinsmecker
  • 2015 ranked #2 oil in world, northern hemisphere
  • 2015 Extra Gold BIOL Italy
  • 2015 Gold, Los Angeles
  • 2015 Golden Olive, Zurich
  • 2015 Gold, Monocultivar, Italy
  • 2015 Gran Menzioni, Sol D`Oro, Italy
  • 2015 First, Mario Solinas Int`l Oil Council - medium intensity
  • 2015 3rd, L`Orciolo D`Oro, Italy
  • 2015 Gold, Olive Japan
  • 2015 Bronze, AVPA France
  • 2014 Gold New York World`s Best Olive Oils
  • 2014 Extra Gold, BioL Italy
  • 2014 Golden Olive, Zurich International
  • 2014 Gourmet Diploma, AVPA France
  • 2014 Bronze, Los Angeles International
  • 2013 Gold & Best of Class, Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition
  • 2013 Gold, New York World`s Best Olive Oils Competition
  • 2013 Gourmet d`Or, AVPA France
  • 2013 First (Organic Class) Sol D`Oro Italy
  • 2013 Premier Medal, Oil Japan
  • 2013 Olive Oil Award, Zurich International
  • 2013 Olio Award, Feinschmecker, Germany
  • 2012 Gold, Sol D`Oro, Italy - intense class
  • 2012 Gold, BIOL International, Italy
  • 2012 Second, L`Orciolo D`Oro International Intense class
  • 2012 Gold, Monocultivar, Italy
  • 2012 Gourmet d`Or, AVPA Paris Gourmet
  • 2012 Silver, Los Angeles - Intense class
  • 5 Stars:  Das Genussmagazin Selection 2012, Germany
  • Excellent rating - Flos Olei Guide to the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World
  • 2012 Premier Medal, Japan`s international extra virgin olive oil competition
  • 2012 Gold, SIAL Montreal
  • 2011 First, Concorso Internacionale BIOL, Italy (Organic EVOO`s competition for Italian and International Classes
  • 2011 Best Spanish AND Gold Medal, Gourmesse, Zurich
  • 2011 3rd, Concorso Internazionale Oli da Olive L`Orciolo d`Oro, Italy
  • 2011 Gourmet d`Or, AVPA Paris Gourmet, France
  • 2011 Gold Medal, CINVE, Miami
  • 2011 Silver, Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition
  • 2011 Gran Prestige Gold, Terraolivo, Israel
  • 2011 Bronze Medal, 7th Oil China Exhibition, Beijing, China
  • 2011 Gran Menzione, Concurso Sol d`Oro, Italy
  • 2011 Best DOP Orgainc, Flos Olei Guide to World`s Best EVOO, Italy
  • 2011 Bronze Medal, SIAL Canada (A new competition still developing judging rigor)
  • 2010 Best EVOO for Quality / Quantity, Flos Olive Oil Guide, Rome, Italy
  • 2010 Gold Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
  • 2010 Mention of Honour, Oliocapitale, Italy (Panel of consumers and restauranteurs)
  • 2010 First in Intense Class, Concorsi Internazionaliale Oli da Olive L`Orciolo D`Oro, Italy
  • 2010 Gran Menzioni, Sol D`Oro, Verona, Italy
  • 2010 Silver, SIAL Montreal
  • 2010 Spain`s Best Ogranic, MAPA
  • 2010 Best Olive Oil of Spain in intense class for 2010 harvest - MAPA Government of Spain award
  • 2009 First Prize, Sol d`Oro, Italy, Medium Intensity Class
  • 2009 Best of Class / Best of Show, Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition
  • 2009 First Prize, International Olive Oil Council`s Mario Solinas Quality Award
  • 2009 Biol Premio Internationale, Italy - "Biol Prize 2009, 2nd Place" (2nd Best Organic World Wide)
  • 2009 Gold Olive, Zurich, International 2009 Olive Congress
  • 2009 SIAL Montreal, Silver Olive d`Or, Strong Fruit Flavour category
  • 2009 Olive Mill of the Year, L`extravergine Guide to the Best Certified Quality Olive Oil in the World
  • 2008 SIAL Asia, Silver Olive d`Or for Strong Fruit Flavour category
  • 2008 SIAL Montreal, Bronze Olive d`Or for Strong Fruit Flavour category
  • 2008 Biol Ecoliva 2008, 1st Place for Region of Spain
  • 2007 The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Year, L`extravergine Guide to the Best Certified Quality Olive Oil in the World
  • 2007 First Place, Biol Prize 2007 - Best Organic World Wide
  • 2007 Biol Premio Internationale, Italy - "First Place, Biol Prize 2007" over all regions and countries

Flos Olei Guide to the Best Certified Quality Olive Oil In the World publication selects close to 500 extra virgin olive-oils to represent excellence in olive oil production around the world after more than 3,000 tastings. Awards are granted on both taste characteristics and constant quality throughout the years.


An incredible experience for lovers of a wide range of complex flavours!

Very harmonious and balanced Earthy Style. Smooth and initially sweet.  Layers of flavours - notes of Mediterranean herbs such as thyme and mint combine with nuances of tomato, artichoke and fruits such as apple . . . followed by a smooth pepper and delightful delicate bitterness. (Pepper and bitter nuances are signs of high levels of antioxidants, and disappear when paired with food.)


Meats and white fish, seafood, any vegetable dish except strong cabbage, over tomato sauces,  egg-based dishes or sauces such as Hollandaise sauce, cholocate dishes.  

Rincon de la Subbetica ORGANIC
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