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Finca la Torre Hojiblanca rated 99/100 in 2018 by Flos Olei Guide follows an extraordinary projectory of yearly recognitions! Fantastic lineup of new oils for 2018 have arrived and will be up in the product section soon: Quaryat Organic an elegant Picual, Finca la Torre`s Arbequina version, the Arbequina Premium and Basilippo Organic for lovers of the no-longer-produced Dauro lovers, Centenarium Premium and Reserva Familiar first introduced in June 2017. 2017 competition awards include 20+ awards captured at northern hemisphere competitions!
  • January 2017 ranked Rincon de la Subbetica as #1 oil in world
  • Parqueoliva Gold Series #2 in world based on total awards received in 2016 - similar results as in January 2016 for 2015 awards.
Fantastic for 2016...Flos Olei Guide has chose Finca la Torre Hojiblanca as best EVOO in the world for 2016, in addition to best organic in world in 2014.        

30+ awards were received by our oils in 2015 at top world  competitions! Rincon #1 in world, Parqueoliva #3, Finca #5 per results  at northern & southern competitions end of year as shown in:  (    Awards recognize ultimate fruit quality coupled with maximum  craftsmanship/scientific know-how... experience adding amazing flavours  and textures quickly, effortlessly to your food as well as healthy  natural  compounds such as antioxidants/polyphenols.

Finca La Torre has achieved #1 organic oil in the world for 2014  based on 15 top international competition awards; Rincon de la Subbetica  #2.  Full Moon 12-year transparent vinegar chosen over 1,000+ products  as finalist at SIAL Paris Innovative Awards ... YOU MUST TRY BYBLOS  RESTAURANT in Toronto - MULTIPLE, MULTIPLE LAYERS OF COMPLEX ELEGANT  FLAVOURS in incredible harmony and fresh, clean undertones - elevates  North African and Middle Eastern foods to a new level in Canada thanks  to Executive Chef Stuart Cameron.
NON-PROFIT, FAIR TRADE Sindyanna - MAKING A DIFFERENCE:   We are working to introduce this lovely oil to those that will  appreciate its unique contribution to world peace.  Initially brought in  especially for Byblos restaurant, now having permanent Canadian  residency!
2012/2013 Awards:  20+ top awards in 2013 for our portfolio oils - Highlights:  
Gold  for Rincon, Parqueoliva, Fuenroble at Los Angeles International- -same   New York International; Rincon also Best of Class at Los Angeles, First  at Italy`s Sol D`Oro organic class, Gourmet D`or, France`s AVPA, and  Premier Medal at Oil Japan; Silver at New York for Dauro and bronze at  Los Angeles ; Gold in Art & Illustration for Basilippo`s Aromas  Vanilla and Orange in gift case AND Silver for Vanilla, Bronze for   Orange at Los Angeles.   Silver at Los Angeles for Oro San Carlos!....Dauro used at world`s #1 restaurant - El Celler de Can Roca: and
Patria is using our oils! Rated one of best new restaurants in 2013 by Toronto Life.
An  authentic, top-quality  yet casual Spanish tapas style experience in  beautiful atmospherics is all the buzz!  Experience a menu  of  traditional tapas with some new-wave Spanish in the dessert menu based  on the quality of products and superb culinary skills of executive chef  Stuart Cameron...and, their private order Spanish wines not available at  the LCBO.  See:   and    AND check out video of Pimenton on 681 Mount Pleasant Road - food-to-go/catering:
Dauro and soon-to-arrive Fuenroble showcased at perfume and olive  oil pairing and culinary event for Chanel European marketing executives  in Madrid (September 2012)   .... Aroma of new perfume "Coco Noir" and  several others paired with 4 premium Spanish olives oils.
A Toronto First:  Dolores Smith facilitates a tasting seminar at the  Delicious Food Show, Saturday October 22, 2011    ....  With a focus on  identifying quality in olive oil.
Dining Toronto Segment taped April 9, 2010 - Dolores Smith facilitates entertaining olive oil tasting.
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