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Olive Oil Sabayon Dressing/Sauce with DAURO

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Published by in Recipes · 13 March 2018
Tags: DressingSaladDressingHealthyEating
Adapted from the Rainier Club's Executive Chef Bill Morris'   "Smoked Spanish Olive Oil Sabayon" created especially for Dauro

2    Egg yolks
1 tsp   Brown sugar (less depending on type of wine used & your palate)
1 tbsp   Lemon Juice
1 tbsp   Shallots minced very fine (if not available substitute red Spanish onions)
Up to 1/2 cup   President's Choice de-alcoholized sparkling white wine/champagne or white wine
1/4 cup  Dauro extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp   Each of dried thyme and ground fennel to taste (good quality brand) TT   Ground sea salt

1. Place egg yolks, sugar, citrus juice and minced shallots in a small, thin stainless steel or glass bowl.
2. Position the bowl over a similarly sized pot of boiling water...about 1 1/2 to 2 inches away from the boiling water in order to receive the heat of the steam.
3. While holding the small bowl over the steam with one hand, whisk the mixture with the other hand until it doubles in volume to a thick consistency similar to mayonnaise (in approx. 2 to 3 minutes).  If at any time it starts to get lumpy increase the distance from the boiling water.
4. When thick, remove from the heat, pour in the Dauro slowly while whisking into the mixture.
5. Similarly, slowly pour and whisk in the wine or dealcoholized sparkling white wine/champagne, starting with 1/4 cup ... add more until desired consistency/taste is acquired.
6. Add herbs, followed by ground sea salt.  If required, can add a bit more lemon juice and minced shallots to taste depending on your flavour preference.

Note:  Bill Morris' original recipe calls for Yuzu citrus juice versus lemon juice.  It is available at Sanko  (730 Queen St. West, Toronto - west of Bathurst - 416.703.4550) or some fine food stores.   

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