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Arbequina Premium, 500 ml, Integrated Crop Production

Extremely low  acidity 0.1  Certified Integrated Crop Production, estate produced and bottled ... EXTREMELY LIMITED PRODUCTION AT ONLY 5,000 Kg per year.

Interesting Arbequina monovarietal grown in Southern Spain for unique, sweeter delicate-intensity herbacious style as noted below in Taste Experience.   

DAURO LOVERS...Should be of special interest to lovers of the `no longer produced` Dauro olive oil, described by one such aficionado as having really enjoyed the similarity to the `grassy-ness` or green vegetable quality of the Dauro.  (McCargar, BC)

New on the world scene and garnering great awards for its top-knotch quality.

Nobleza del Sur, southern Spain, Jaen region (Andalucia).
Olives crushed within 3 to 5 hours of harvest.

Award Highlights:
2017 Gold, New York International
2017 Best of Show, Oil Japan

Taste Experience:
Beautifully creamy leafy greens and delicate herbal notes with a sweet contrast to a more robust apple flavour profile of northern Spain`s arbequina or other more bitter styles.
Arbequina Premium
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