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Meet The Olive Oil Expert“ Dolores Smith, President
Founder, Dolores Smith - The Olive Oil Expert - Twitter:  @theolivarcorp

You can be confident that our extra virgin olive oils and vinegars  are selected carefully and objectively.  There is no family connection  to the producers.

The oils must pass a 3-stage selection process:  level of purity,  flavour and international recognition.  Highlights of my background  include:

  • Particpation in a professional olive oil tasting program.  This  program profiles the whole spectrum of extra virgin olive oils from  around the world through intense tasting sessions.
  • Completion of a technical course on variables affecting quality,  delivered by an agricultural engineer, production expert and  international consultant experienced in advising olive oil processing  plants across the world.
  • Attendance at an international `cooking with olive oil techniques`  week-long event in Spain where top chefs demonstrate molecular and  traditional techniques.
  • Visits to varied producers to view their olive groves and operations  as well as participation in a trade mission showcasing hundreds of  olive oils (Expoliva).
  • On-going communication with international experts on issues of the use of olive oil in the home kitchen.
  • Previously delivered workplace health consulting services with  several of the largest health promotion organizations in Canada –  included establishing healthy lifestyle programs such as healthy eating,  and presenting at national conferences.
  • B.Sc. in physiological psychology from the University of Toronto,  consumer behavior/marketing studies at University of Guelph, and  post-degree certifications in two areas: International Business, and  Workplace Health and Health Promotion.
Lastly, we support and value:

  • A low business operation environmental footprint - operate out of a  passive solar designed building, geothermally heated, flanked by 60-foot  coniferous trees sequestering extensive carbon.
  • Assisting the innovative `healthy eating` FoodShare’s Good Food Café in schools,  and food banks.
  • Treating retailers and consumers ethically.
  • Providing fair prices.
If your passion is to bring incredible fresh flavours, health and vitality into your life; a spark at gatherings with friends and/or loved ones;  whilst at fair prices, let us help you.

Experience our uncompromising, honest commitment to ultra-premium quality.
Founder and President, Dolores Smith, has dedicated her last 10 years to learning about, and sourcing clean, fresh-tasting, authentic olive oils and reserve vinegars.
The world of olive oil can be challenging.  Conversations with buyers at stores have highlighted misconceptions on quality. Often we associate 'just-extracted' or artisanal olive oils with top quality - not necessarily true.  Think of a 'fresh' salad prepared on the spot with degraded, wilted ingredients.

Also, particular producer characteristics touted as preferable that apply to one country do not automatically apply to another.  For example, Italy has many small family or estate producers, Spain includes large cooperatives as well as smaller family or estate producers. Either of these two types can have varying amounts of resources to ensure the highest quality olive oil.

We ensure that the world-class producers we import from take the greatest care in the entire process from cultivation of premium quality fruit down to implementing leading-edge advances in extraction mills and cellaring to protect the freshest flavours of premium-quality fruits.  

Expert 'know-how' and up-to-date techniques/machinery protect quality at every step.

Enjoy experimenting and trying new food pairings!  If you have little time, you can quickly combine just a few ingredients, use a quality, beautifully tasting olive oil and prepare great meals.  Check out the recipe section.  We focus on limiting ingredients and complexity...from silky salads, to velvety emulsions and sauces, to healthy, delicious desserts.

To joyful living and health!
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