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Exception Quality
Environmentally responsible practices combined with state-of-the art facilities and the hardwork and dedication of great people creates exceptional quality you can taste.  Enjoy the best the earth has to offer from the regions where sun & the sky come together with the right amount of rain to produce Olive Oils of exceptional quality.

Incredible Health Benefits
Olive Oils are great for internal and external health. Use olive oils to help improve heart, skin and hair health. The benefits are endless.

The Best Selection
The Olivar Corp only carries the finest Olive Oils & Vinegars that have been certified, verified and qualified to be best quality and value for any individual or professional chef.

Quality is Awarded...19 International Awards and counting!
Catalonia Region

To the North-West of Spain the sun and the air converge and travel effortlessly through the leaves of the Olive tree ripping the Olive fruit beautifully.  It's the uniqueness of the region that you can taste.

Extremadura Region

To the west the region of Extremadura produces exceptional olives that yield some of the most flavour intense Olive Oils.

Olive Oil is a staple in Spanish cooking and promotes excellent skin & hair health!

Andalusia Region

To the East in the Andorra region the coastal air brings with it the sunlight which yields a mellow flavour to the Olives.  

The unique attributes of the region help amplify the flavour profile of the Olive Oils.

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