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Finca la Torre Hojiblanca rated 99/100 in 2018 by Flos Olei Guide follows an extraordinary projectory of yearly recognitions!   Fantastic lineup of new oils for 2018 have arrived and will be up in the product section soon:  Quaryat Organic an elegant Picual, Finca la Torre`s Arbequina version, the Arbequina Premium and Basilippo Organic for lovers of the no-longer-produced Dauro lovers, Centenarium Premium and Reserva Familiar first introduced in June 2017.  2017 competition awards include 20+ awards captured at northern hemisphere competitions!   January 2017 ranked Rincon de la Subbetica as #1 oil in world, and  Parqueoliva Gold Series  #2 in world based on total awards received in 2016 - similar results as in January 2016 for 2015 awards. Fantastic for 2016...Flos Olei Guide has chose Finca la Torre Hojiblanca as best EVOO in the world for 2016, in addition to best organic in world in 2014.   Read More