Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Health

Extensive Global Research

Research is underway to investigate the various pathways involved in olive oil`s health benefits stemming from two fronts:  (1) from its levels of monounssaturated fat, especially its oleic acid; and, (2) the bioactive natural chemicals that the tree produces in the fruit to protect itself against the Mediterranean climate.  These studies involve the following areas of investigation:

  • Helping to keep the mind sharp given that oleic acid is one of the most prevalent fats in the myelin sheath of nerve cells.  
  • Protecting against DNA damage from environmental factors
  • Reducing cardiovascular disease 
  • Anti-cancer effects of squalene  
  • Antimicrobial activity of hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol and oleuropein against several strains of bacteria implicated in intestinal and respoiratory infections (hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein are responsible for a good quality olive oil`s pungent finish upon tasting by sipping and high stability... if the fruit is very good quality and crushed immediately upon harvest giving beautiful flavours, the pungent finish is offset and balanced by wonderful flavours.

MUFA  (Monounsaturated Fatty Acid) Benefits: 

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Minor Components

Health Benefits Beyond Heart Health...


Currently a great deal of international focus is placed on the antioxidant  phytochemicals and other minor components in olive oil. 

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Contemporary Chocolate Beetroot EVOO Fudge!

Delicious for all - including vegetarians and those with non-gluten requirements...using our high-purity EVOOs results in a clean texture and no off-flavours.

Sabayon Dressing/Sauce - Dauro

Light yet flavourful - a magnificent creation from Chef Bill Morris at the Rainier Club in Seattle just for Dauro!....

Baby Greens Salad - Dauro

Outstanding delicate flavours....

Healthy Chocolate Mousse - Dauro

Individually presented and elegant - for any occasion....

Zucchini, Feta & Toasted Almonds Salad - Parqueoliva / Rincon

Fresh, tasty and elegant ....

Mango & Cajun Shrimp Salad Appetizer - Parqueoliva / Rincon

Simple, quick, yet succulent! Try the incredible dressing ....

Mango Chutney - Parqueoliva / Rincon

Reduced Sugar Recipe - Wow! Perfect to accompany Brie/Camember cheese and white meats

Butternut Squash Persilade – Parqueoliva / Organic Rincon


Valentine`s Silky Salad for Two

Exotic yet delicate flavours to open the appetite.

Valentine`s Chocolate Hearts for a Romantic Finish

Velvety truffle-like texture.

Flavourful Ham-wrapped Potatoes & Dipping Sauce - Fuenroble

Easy-to-prepare potatoes with superb Spanish dipping sauce - Really Tasty!

Easy Gourmet Flavoured Hummus - Fuenroble

Add complexity and distinctiveness to your hummus - easy recipe!

Vanilla Mission Fig Serrano-Ham Rolls - Aromas Vanilla

Simple, Elegant and Quick - Tasty!

Smoked Salmon & Orange Cream Cheese Rolls - Aromas Orange

Lighter, fresh-tasting!  Less Saturated Fat!

Clean Eating - Saute of Beef - Aromas Vanilla

Simply delicious!  

Delicious Beef - With Subtle Exotic Flavours - Fuenroble or Finca La Torre

A Modern Take on Beef - Comfort Food With A Touch Of Excitement!