Gasull, 500 ml

Low  0.23% acidity..  Limited Production without pesticides. 

NEW FOR 2017 - Unique Environmental & Energy Projects:  

Gasull introducing bats to the olive grove to control pests.  In 2014  collaborated with the GEPEC School of naturalists for the protection of declining population of barn owls by raising them amongst the olive groves without the use of herbicides.  Also now members of a very unique Spanish grass-roots, people`s energy production cooperative focused on owning shares dedicated to supporting green energy production projects throughout Spain.

Producer:  Moli d`Oli Gasull, North-Eastern Spain 

“Arbequina” olives grown on the Reus and Constantí estates just outside Tarragona, south of Barcelona in north-eastern Spain close to the Mediterranean. The olives are hand-harvested and transported to the producer-owned mill close to the estate to be milled at a low temperature during the night. 

Fatastic all-around olive oil useful for dipping (simply with sea salt), daily salads, sauteeing, dressings, and special dishes such as chocolate mousse.  


Light and delicate `Sweet Style".  Fruity with notes of apple, chicory and herbs.  A long, pleasant nutty finish reminiscent of almonds (as described by participants of a Savantes New York professional program).