Basilippo ORGANIC, Estate Bottled, 500 ml

Extremely low acidity 0.1.    Unique Arbequina and Manzanilla varietals, delicate to medium style.  Estate Produced and Bottled - Limited Production with each bottle numbered.   Lovers of the highly awarded Dauro olive oil last produced in 2014 will also love this oil!

Producer:  Oleomorillo S.L. Seville, southern Spain`s Andalucia region. 

Interesting terroir of white limestone soil contributes to the uniquess of this oil, in addition to the combination of varietals.   Arbequina offers a delicate apple and almond flavour profile, while Manzanilla contributes  a more herbacious character and a high level of antioxidants.

Producer`s non-organic oils are consistently well awarded at competitions such as the Los Angeles and New York competitions.  The small production of their organic Basilippo leads them to avoid pursuing international promotion at the intensity achieved for their conventional brands.


Truly unique!   Smooth, sweet beginning of apple and almond from the arbequina olive ...transitioning to herbal notes and delightful medium pepper finish contributed by the manzanilla olive! Lightly creamy and buttery.